I work on a lot of projects in my spare time, and a few of them have wound up in the wild as open source (and often as free software). I do this because I often build on the work of other open source software; it’s only right to let others do the same.

However, development is rarely free. The hosting for this website, and licensing fees for things like the iPhone developer program are just some examples of what I need to pay for to continue this work.

If you’ve come to this page, it was probably with some intention to help out, after using one of my projects. I don’t expect to be able to live off of donations, but being able to pay part of these expenses on donations would be wonderful.

If you’ve liked something I’ve made and want to donate, you can use the links below. Thank you.

I can also accept bitcoins at this address: 1AUfmkDfDkPsZxCYSie8wgWprjrkneUCp4.

(Note: To prevent confusion, I am not a non-profit or charitable organization, so this is not a tax-deductable donation. This is a “donation” in the same sense as it is used for many other individual developers — it counts as a form of income for us.)