Cydia Repository

I host a Cydia repository here to distribute any packages I port or write to either the iPhone or the iPad. Currently, I’m hosting these packages:

To get these packages, go into Cydia and add a new repository with the url “ The TeX Live package requires Perl, which means you’ll also have to add the repo. To do that, either see their link or read the TeX Live guide.

For all of the packages, see here; you can also find their sources there.

If you’ve used something I’ve ported, I would really appreciate a donation to help me continue hosting these files. You could also look for ways to donate to the projects themselves by clicking the links above.

My monthly bandwidth is pretty sizeable, but by no means unlimited, so don’t go downloading these packages like 50 times a day; some of these packages are quite sizeable (for example, TeX Live). If anyone out there wants to help me out by hosting any of these in their own repository, please contact me.

Also, I’m a newbie at APT packages. If you have any issues with the packages or with the software, please tell me.